A plethora of chargesheets to prevent Jagan from getting bail

A plethora of chargesheets to prevent Jagan from getting bail - Sakshi Post

  The bail petition of YS Congress party president, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy came up before the Bench presided over by Justice Sathasivam and Justice Iqbal on Monday. The Bench had examined the case earlier, but took up the case once again on Monday.

Harish Salve who was arguing on behalf of Jagan, brought to the notice of the Bench that the CBI had violated the directions of the Supreme Court. The CBI had given a written statement that it will complete its investigation in seven cases and file a single chargesheet.
 But it filed a chargesheet only in one single case, violating the directions of the Supreme Court. Salve demanded to know how or who had given CBI the authority to file so many chargesheets.
 Any accused is eligible to get bail 90 days after arrest, but in the case of Jagan  CBI is creating many obstacles to prevent Jagan from getting bail.  Jagan is incarcerated since one year which is totally against natural justice.
CBI had given a written statement that there are still seven cases against Jagan and that they will file a chargesheet after the investigation is over. The Supreme Court  had also directed the CBI to finish the investigation soon and come up with final charges, when it took up the bail petition of Jagan on October 5. But the CBI reneged on its promise.  It filed once again, another chargesheet only in a single case.
The bench took up Jagan’s bail petition case on Monday, and asked whether the court had earlier given specific orders in this case. Harish Salve read out Supreme Court’s October 5 orders. He brought to the notice of the court that instead of filing one final chargesheet after investigation of all cases, the CBI is  filing numerous chargesheets calling them additional, associated, and independent charge sheets.
Last year on March 31, the CBI filed one chargesheet (CC8 ) and arrested Jagan on May 27. The investigation was completed in chargesheet CC8. Auditor Vijaya Sai Reddy, who was also implicated in the case filed a memo before the court that the Dalmia chargesheet should be considered as the final one. The CBI filed a counter to this. 
Salve brought to the notice of the bench, a number of objectionable clauses, defying the Supreme Court orders in CBI’s counter. The bench intervened at this point and asked whether the CBI had said that Jagan was not co-operating with them to which Salve replied that Jagan had been in prison for the last one year, and if he is not co-operating how is it possible for the CBI to file  new chargesheets every day.  Salve sardonically remarked that the CBI will say that Jagan co-operated only if he admits his alleged guilt.
Recently a Central minister made a statement that if Jagan joins hands with the Congress he will come out of the prison. Salve appealed to the Bench that this statement published in the Indian Express should be taken into consideration by the Bench while examining Jagan’s bail petition. The Hon. Justices perused the story in the newspaper and asked the CBI to file a counter with all details. The court gave permission to Salve to serve a notice directly to the CBI after which it postponed the case to May 6.




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