A dangerous bet kills man in Karimnagar

A dangerous bet kills man in Karimnagar - Sakshi Post

Alcohol is known to have claimed many a victim. Some have their lost their lives to incessant drinking, some have lost their properties and homes in fueling their alcoholic habits.

But on Thursday, in a cruel twist of fate, a young man died after losing a bet that had him consume a bottle of cheap liquor. 

As per reports, Ravi, resident of  Tangallapalli of Siricilla madal had a bet with a friend. The bet required him to drink a full bottle of alcohol within 15 minutes. Ravi managed to win the bet but lost his life in the pursuit of a victory. As soon as he completed his task, he fell on the ground unconscious.  

Along with Ravi, two other men also participated in the bet. Soon after consuming the cheap liquor they also lost their consciousness. The winner of the bet, apparently, would have received two bottles of liquor.

The person who initiated the bet is missing. 


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