6kg-Baby Boy Born At Niloufer

The doctors at Niloufer Hospital said the baby boy was the first-of-its-kind newborn with heavyweight - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: A male child weighing 6kg was born at Niloufer Hospital in the city on Saturday.

The baby boy is the first heavyweight to be born at the hospital, said the stunned doctors. The baby is the third child for Shabana and Mohammad Wasim whose previous two babies were born with normal weight. The 21-inch tall infant was healthy and has been put under the observation for 72 hours after the first breast feeding is done, they said.

Doctors said such cases are very rare when the mother of the baby is diagnosed with diabetes in the early stage of pregnancy which would end up in heavyweight babies. “Initially, Shabana, 29, was diagnosed with diabetes in her first two months of pregnancy. Due to the increased blood sugar levels of the mother, the child’s weight in the womb increased,” said Dr. Wasim who opted for C-section as the baby was more than 5kg in the last scan.

Doctors at the hospital said the baby would not require more food than normal because the weight of the baby increased in the womb only as the mother developed high glucose levels. “It would not be the same outside”, they said.

According to records in India, Firdaus Khatun of Uttar Pradesh delivered a baby weighing 6.7 kg and a 20-year-old mother gave birth to 6.8kg weighed male baby in Karnataka. The heaviest baby till the date is recorded in Italy with the weight of 10.2 kg in 1955.

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