4,000 kg 'maha laddoo' prepared for Ganesh festival

4,000 kg 'maha laddoo' prepared for Ganesh festival - Sakshi Post

A grand 4,000 kg 'maha laddoo' has been prepared by a sweet maker at a village near in Rajahmundry ahead of the commencement of the ten-day Ganesh festival from September 9.

The massive four-tonne 'laddoo' for the Khairtabad Ganesh in Hyderabad will be carried in a specially decorated truck to the capital. The 4,000 kg laddoo for Khairtabad Ganesh is ready, PVVS Mallikarjun Rao alias Malli Babu, the owner of Surchi Sweets at Tapeswaram village in East Godavari district, said today. It will transported to Hyderabad tomorrow after taking out a procession of it in the village, he said. Around 70 people were engaged in making the 'laddoo', the preparation of which started last week, with the installation of a Lord Ganesh idol in the sweet shop, he said.

The Ganesh Utsav Samithi organisers of Khairtabad will take the laddoo and keep it on the hand of the 56-feet tall Ganesh idol after performing of pooja, Malli Babu said. We used 1,600 kg sugar, 1,000 kg Bengal gram (chana dal), 900 kg ghee, 200 kg cashews, 100 kg almonds, 50 kg cardamom and 10 kg green camphor to make the laddoo, he added.

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