25 Minors From India Go Missing In Paris, Raids Conducted On Travel Agents

The boys were taken to Paris for rugby training  - Sakshi Post

Indian authorities have gone into a tizzy after 22 minors from Punjab, Haryana and Delhi went missing in France. They were taken by three travel agencies on the pretext of coaching them in Rugby.

The CBI has already conducted raids on the three travel agencies - Lalit David Dean of Faridabad, Sanjeev Roy and Varun Choudhary from Delhi on Friday. It emerged that the parents of the boys - all aged between 13 and 18 years - had paid up to Rs 30 lakhs. It also emerged that the agents dumped the boys in a local Gurdwara and two of the boys somehow managed to come back. The CBI investigations have also revealed that one of the boys, who remained in Paris, is in the custody of the French police.

The authorities are now ascertaining whether any of the parents had lodged a missing persons complaint.

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