100 days of Y.S. Jagan's arrest

100 days of Y.S. Jagan's arrest - Sakshi Post

Exactly a  hundred days ago the ruling Congress thought it could stifle the voice of the people by arresting Y.S.Jagan Mohan Reddy by using its principal 'weapon' against him, the CBI.

Exactly a hundred days ago when he was in the thick of electioneering, the Congress rattled by the response the YSRCP was getting, thought it could stem the tide of popular support by carrying out what was a dramatic political arrest of Jagan on May 27.
Two weeks later both the ruling party and the principal opposition party, the Telugu Desam saw for themselves the wrath of the people in stark, unequivocal terms. They came together to form a backroom alliance, indicative of the kind of political skullduggery they are capable of. People saw through the act of political vendetta and decided to teach our 'leaders' a lesson they would not forget in a long time. In all the eighteen constituencies where the by-polls were held, there was an upsurge of popular support for the YSRCP, which managed to wrest 15 of the 18 seats to which elections were held, in addition to the Nellore Lok Sabha seat. The Congress was left red-faced with two seats. The TRS, thanks to the generosity of the Congress scraped by in Parkal by the skin of its teeth. 
The Congress in its wisdom, thought that by keeping Y.S.Jagan Mohan Reddy away from the people, it could keep its vote-bank intact, not realizing the fact that people can sift fact from fiction. In Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy, the people of Andhra Pradesh saw a natural successor to Dr. YSR's legacy. Wherever he went on his 'Odarpu Yatra', people poured out in the thousands—to catch a glimpse of the young, charismatic leader, to interact with him even if it was for a fleeting moment and to listen to him. He has promised to wage a relentless war on their behalf—against poverty and sickness, illiteracy and backwardness, underdevelopment and deprivation. People have reposed their faith in him clearly and unmistakeably. They are waiting for an opportunity to do so again.
The Congress is in a state of utter confusion. On the one hand, it wants to lay claim to Dr. YSR's legacy, which it hopes will propel it to power in 2014. On the other, it  blames YSR for everything the CBI is now finding fault with. It simply does not know how to deal with the phenomenon called Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy, who has emerged as the strongest political force in the state in a span of three years. A party with more a hundred of years of history has had to fall back on its dirty tricks department. How else does one explain the actions of the CBI, which files charge-sheet after charge-sheet against Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy, holding him responsible for Cabinet decisions. Where is the principle of collective responsibility of the Cabinet and its accountability? Was Jagan a Minister, an MLA or M.P.? Did he ever visit the State Secretariat or pressurize officers to take decisions one way or the other?
Political analysts have pointed out how Jagan's popularity remained unaffected by his arrest and the charge-sheets foisted against him. Channel after channel on national television have conducted surveys with the same result. 48% of the people of this state want Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy as their Chief Minister in the 2014 elections and in 21-26 of 42 Lok Sabha seats in the state, the fledgling YSRCP is likely to emerge victorious.

The TDP, which faces complete decimation has swung to the extreme by shooting the messenger, and by doing so has exposed itself to ridicule. It declared that the results of the NDTV survey were rigged. The Congress, on its part has maintained a stoic silence on the surveys, except for some worthies, who claimed that survey results prove to be accurate. But then, the Congress is like the Bourbons— "it has learnt nothing and forgotten nothing,"


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