10 Power Kalyan fans arrested

10 Power Kalyan fans arrested - Sakshi Post

Bhimavaram: West Godavari district turned chaotic once again as the police arrested 10 Pawan Kalyan fans for the recent attacks on flexi-burning issue. A good number of Pawan fans staged protests against the police in front the police station.

The brawl started when Pawan Kalyan’s fans got agitated after some unknown person allegedly tore a Flexi-Banner of Pawan’s which was put up as a part of the star’s Birthday celebrations; it led to a fight between Prabhas fans and them. The agitated fans created a ruckus by damaging both Govt. and private properties.
Section 144 was applied in Bhimavaram area and it has not been lifted from the past three days. All the posters of the stars Pawan Kalyan and Prabhas have been taken off by the police. Majority of those who were taken into custody are students, their parents are worried that their wards' future would be hit by the arrests.

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