On a day when the TDP, bought its way to victory in the Local Body Constituency MLC elections in Nellore, Kadapa and Kurnool, it suffered heavy defeat in the Teachers' MLC elections. It lost both the MLC seats in East and West Rayalaseema.

Significantly, both the seats roughly represent the same geographical area where the TDP 'won' local body elections.

In the East Rayalaseema constituency, which comprises Chittoor, Nellore and Prakasam districts, the TDP candidate was a poor second. YSRCP-backed Progressive Democratic Front (PDF) candidate Vithapu Balasubrahmanyam bested his TDP rival Vasudeva Naidu by over 3553 votes. In the Rayalaseema West constituency, which comprises Anantapur, Kadapa and Kurnool) STU candidate Kathi Narasimha Reddy has won. He defeated sitting MLC and TDP candidate Bachala Pullaiah. Reddy secured a majority of 3763 votes. The TDP was a poor second in both the constituencies.