Hyderabad: Cyberabad Commissioner Sandeep Sandilya has attributed Intermediate student Chandni Jain's murder to the disturbing trends of socialising, partying and social media usage which are affecting the psyche of children.

He addressed a press conference on Wednesday and narrated the scene of events that led to the murder of 17-year-old girl at Ameenpur Hills on September 9. The Miyapur police were successful in catching the 17-year-old juvenile Karun (name changed) after interrogating five suspects.

"Victim Chandni and accused Karun were a good friends and were classmates since childhood. Later, they got apart due to some misunderstandings. And over a period of time, they were in touch on social media. However, close friendship took an ugly shape resulting in a murder, the Cyberabad Commissioner said.

Between September 1 to 3, Chandni attended a fest along with her friends. The accused Karun along with his friend Sahil too attended the fest. All the students of the fest had happened to stay in hotel — Central Court Hotel in Lakdikapul. "During the fest, the students interacted and debated on academic issues and topics related to their studies during the day while in the evenings, they engaged in socialising, including pubbing," said a police official who investigated the case.

"Some parents do not know what their children do when they go out for fests. Some parents are least bothered about their kids and their activity in social networking sites which is a disturbing trend. And Chandni has too many strangers as friends on her Facebook account," pointed out Sandeep Sandilya.

The accused, who is a juvenile, was wearing black T-shirt, black scarf, shorts, wearing chappals when he accompanied Chandni towards the Ameenpur Hills on that fateful day of September 9.

"Both hired an autorickshaw and the accused had covered his face with a scarf. It can be assumed that the crime was a pre-meditated one. Ameenpur CI should be credited. Only after his pursuance, CCTV camera was installed at Ameenpur Hills two months ago, now we cracked the case with a clinching evidence," said the Commissioner.

According to the story narrated by the juvenile to police

— He first had a quarrel with Chandni after she pressurised him for marriage.

— In a fit of rage, he the tried to strangulate her by catching her throat.

— He gave a hard blow on her face after which she collapsed.

— He then took her to cliff of the hill and pushed her into the bushes.

— After the crime, the accused returned home in a different route from the crime scene rather taking the regular way.

— He threw Chandni's mobile phone on the way.