After being eliminated from the house of Telugu reality show — Bigg Boss, actor Sameer shared some interesting facts about members in the house. As all the team members come with an intention to win the reality show, actor Sameer said that members tend to change their behaviour and attitude towards others as every conversation and incident is recorded through CCTV cameras in the house.

On contestant Kalpana

"She portrayed herself well in the first week. Everyone in the Bigg Boss were impressed by her. After becoming the house captain in the second week, she removed her mask. Apparently, her true nature was revealed. And her actions were not convincing after the second week," Sameer said.

All that the audience get to see is only one hour of every 24 hours, so shots and scenes which are objectionable are deleted, he said.

On Prince

When asked about whether Prince had really washed the clothes of the contestants when he was given a task: Sameer said that there was no washing machine nor a dryer. "Dryer keeps rotating, but sad part was it did not work. Prince had to toil all alone to wash clothes of every contestant," he said. Sameer said that every contestant should win their respective tasks to get their luggage to the house.

Pertaining to a video in which former contestant Jyothi had commented on him, Sameer said he doesn't feel angry for her comment. He maintained that Jyothi is a close friend. "It doesn't show any impact on me, because I had faced enough criticism from the members in the Bigg Boss house. Some one commented that I was running a parallel government, a secret captain, a magnet just because I confined to one place," he smiled. Members cant take issues or comments sportively because cameras are watching so are the audience, he said.

Sameer also rubbished news reports which claimed that the contestants are being paid Rs 15 to Rs 20 lakh a week. He said that contestants are being paid according to industry norms. However, the remuneration varies to the member based on seniority.