Madanapalle: A rice merchant from Kadapa town was allegedly honey-trapped by two youths and robbed of Rs 75,000 at Kolar district in Karnataka state.

According to the police, the rice merhcant, who is identified as Budda Reddy, came to Kolar town on a business work. After receiving Rs 71,000 from a customer for dispatching 130 bags of rice, Budda Reddy set for a return journey to Kadapa. The incident occurred on Friday night.

As he waited for a bus in Kolar bus station, two youngsters came to him and struck a conversation with him. The youths also introduced themselves to Budda Reddy by claiming that they were a native of Kadapa district. After sometime, the youths invited the rice merchant to their house located near CTM Road just a few kms away from the bus station. As Budda Reddy appeared unconvincing, they told Budda Reddy that he can spend a night with a girl by paying just Rs 1,000.

Believing their words, Budda Reddy accepted to go along with the youngsters. After going for some distance in an autorickshaw, the youngsters stopped the vehicle at Rajeswari temple near Devathanagar and said that they can reach their home by walking a furlong and it is difficult for the vehicle to ferry them. As they started walking, both of them attacked Budda Reddy and injured him severely.

Later, they snatched Rs 71,000 from his him and fled the scene. Gaining conscious, Budda Reddy came to police station and lodged a complaint with them. A case has been registered and a manhunt was launched to to nab the culprits.