Vijayawada: ATM-looters resorted to an innovative method to make away with Rs 1 lakh from two ATMs at Krambay Road in Bhavanipuram of the city here on Saturday.

Using footage from CCTVs, police stated that three people broke-open ATMs belonging to Central Bank and Indian Overseas Bank (IOB) and expressed shock at the dexterity with which they opened the machines. The trio swiped the ATM cards that they had and while the machine was counting the currency to be dispensed, they cut the power supply to the machines. Next they used keyes that they brought along with them and opened the machines. With no power, the machines failed to record the ID of the cards and did not withhold the cash. The cash, was at his juncture, easy picking for the thieves. They repeated the process and cut the power supply each time to the machines. They looted Rs 72,000 from the Central Bank ATM and Rs 28,000 from the IOD ATM. Another point that worked in their favour was that both the ATM kiosks did not have security guards.

The loot was discovered only on Sunday when the bank staff came to replenish the ATMs. They immediately alerted the police. Based on the expertise with which the ATMs were opened and the disruption to the power supply, police surmise that people with technical knowledge about the working of the machines were involved in the robbery.

A case has been registered and investigation has been launched to nab the culprits.