Thrissur (Kerala): You may have seen a nature lover or an animal lover etc. but have you ever seen a bee lover? Perhaps not even in your wildest dreams. But, this 21 year-old youth from Kerala made friends with bees and makes 60,000 of them rest on his face. Known as Nature MS, this youth began this stunt from when he was barely five-year-old.

The bees do sting him. But, he calls them ''playful bites.'' He can read and dance even while the bees swarm on his face. “I cannot recall ever being without the bees swarming my face," Nature says.

His father Sajayakumar is an award-winning beekeeper. He says that his son has 1,500 boxes each housing some 60,000 bees. Nature hopes to do a doctorate or PhD on bees with focused on bee keeping.

Nature MS with his father  Sajayakumar
Nature MS with his father Sajayakumar