Mumbai: As the news of American President Donald Trump's impeachment gathered steam, shares of technology gained in the intra-day trading on Thursday with investors showing interest in buying the IT related stocks.

Stock-broking experts said that the reports of Trump's impeachment were cheering up Indians as H1B visa, which was showing a great impact on the Indian techies, may subside for now.

Following the revelations by the media that Trump asked the then FBI director James Comey to stop investigating against former national security advisor Michael Flynn.

Subsequently a Demoractic Lawmaker has called for impeachment of Trump for his alleged involvement in obstructing of justice. It appears that Hillary Clinton has re-launched a political movement against the Trump goverment.

Facts about impeachment

While the whole world is curious about the Trump's impeachment news, some reports in the media suggest that the impeachment is exceedingly rare in America.

So far, in the history of America, no member of the Senate or House had ever been removed via impeachment.

The legislature of the United States government had so far initiated a mere 62 impeachment proceedings in America. Of them, only 19 cases had gone for trial and eight federal officials were convicted.