Snigdha Raju

Once used by the Paliyan tribal people living in Tamil Nadu as a reference to calculate their age, Neelakurinji flowers bloom once every 12 years in Munnar (Kerala) for merely a few months.

At this time, the hills of Munnar in Kerala burst into a sea of blue, a rare natural spectacle for which travelers make a beeline for. An endless stretch of rolling hills carpeted with tiny blue flowers is a sight to behold.

In 2018, it is time for this flower with 40 odd varieties to blossom again in all its grandeur. The Kerala Tourism expects a high footfall thanks to this visual miracle.

This is said to be the most anticipated event for the people of Kerala this year. Last bloomed in 2006, the time for viewing them begins in July and lasts up to October. Botanists and nature lovers alike mark their calendars in anticipation of this event.

The spectacle is to the likes of a special sight into heaven, allowed only every 12 years.

Twitterati shared pictures of the beautiful flowers on their Twitter handles. Have a look at a few of them...