Video of a suicide bomber‘s funeral has gone viral after a “suicide vest” he was wearing went off during the funeral procession. The catastrophic detonation resulted in multiple deaths and injuries.

The cheers of the crowd quickly changed to chants of “Allahu Akbar” as disoriented people wandered about in the devastation, searching for friends and relatives. The entire video was captured on a low resolution video and contains graphic images resulting from the devastation.

According to Live Leak, the suicide bomber was shot by Israeli forces and died from his wounds. His Muslim brothers took his body and prepared it for a funeral procession in which hundreds of his supporters participated. Those individuals who prepared his body for the funeral forgot to remove his suicide belt. As the body was carried in a palanquin towards his final resting place, the belt exploded, killing multiple individuals and harming many more.

We could not verify the validity of the video. However, the devastation that can be seen is very real and horrific. Mad World News reported the man’s suicide belt was originally intended to detonate near non-Muslims, but the Israeli soldiers killed him before he could carry out his mission. In an attempt to give him the funeral he deserved, according to his Muslim brethren, they cheered at his sacrifice until the bomb exploded in their presence.

As the smoke cleared, the devastation became apparent. Mangled and mutilated bodies were strewn across the ground.