Master Wei Yaobin is a ball-breaker and proud of it.

Over ten years this martial arts expert has carved a legendary reputation in city of Luoyang, central China as an 'Iron Crotch Kung Fu' master, reports Daily Mail.

Unsurprisingly he specializes in teaching students how to take blows to the crotch in their stride.

Combatants subject themselves to training that includes battering rams, kicks and bricks to their nether-regions.

It's bound to make plenty of male viewers wince in pain but enthusiasts think it's important for sexual health.

Hundreds of would-be-masters attend the practice every year, claiming it can cure erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation - despite their being no scientific evidence to back it up.

However in the video both Master Wei and his students seem to take the pain in stride.

Hardly any of them move as they take the blow after powerful blow to their nether-regions.

Bystanders - including several women - can be seen gasping in shock and filming as Master Wei and his students put on a public display of strength.

Master Wei says that Iron Crotch Kung Fu was previously an exclusive family practice, but he now wants it to be more 'popular and accepted by the public'