Hyderabad: A woman who was reportedly targeting beauty parlours in the city and had committed around 25 thefts in the last four months has been arrested by Marredpalli police on Wednesday. It is said that the woman had committed crimes across all the three police commissionerates in city.

According to police, the woman has been identified as Daisy and belongs to Tamil Nadu. It is learnt that she has committed crimes even in Tamil Nadu as well. Daisy is a native of Kadapa in Andhra Pradesh and her father had shifted to Chennai long back. The accused comes from a middleclass background and her father had got her married to a man of similar background.

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Daisy got used to a luxurious life and this prompted her to look for easy money and this made her target beauty parlours. She usally picked beauty parlours in colonies which are generally operated by a single lady. She made sure that these places do not have flow of customers or CCTVs. She used to visit such parlours only during the afternoon and steal gold ornaments.

The accused made sure that she was not caught and wore a scarf over her face so that she was not recognised by CCTVs on the streets. Daisy would befriend the lady at the beauty parlour and convince the owner that her relatives needed make-up. Later, she would put a condition that she would get makeup done by people who do not wear gold jewellery and forced them to remove the ornaments, claiming her reigious beliefs came in the way of touching people who wore gold. She would get her facial done and slowly divert her attention and decamp with the jewellery.

It is learnt that Daisy is wanted for such crimes all over Tamil Nadu, and hence, she shifted her base to Hyderabad in February with her husband. She started her operations here too and in the last four months, has committed thefts in 25 places. Recently she had decamped with five tolas of gold from a beauty parlour in Marredpally. The police have been planning to arrest the woman who had been a challenge to Hyderabad police. Finally they arrested her on Wednesday. It is said that her husband was suspected of playing a crucial role in all her crimes and the police were investigating the matter.