Fascination for swimming proved fatal for two Class VI students on Wednesday. Both the boys drowned, leaving their parents and family members in deep grief and sorrow. The incident occurred in Jillella vilage of Tangallapalli mandal of Rajanna Sircilla district.

According to the police, Praneet, Satheesh, Boddu Vishal and Manoj, all students of Class VI, drowned while trying their hand in swimming in the village tank. Unfortunately they did not realise that there was a deep pit underwater dug by a JCB a few days ago. Two of the boys - Praneeth and Satheesh drowned, while Vishal and Manoj, managed to reach the shore. They ran into the village to alert the locals. But, by the time the villagers rushed to the spot, the bodies of both Praneeth and Satheesh were seen floating. A pall of gloom descended on the village after the incident.