Hyderabad: A woman was arrested on Thursday for raising funds through Facebook by claiming that she was suffering from cancer.

Saniya Abdul Hafeez(22), a resident of Saidabad has collected Rs22 lakh on the pretext of cancer treatment. The woman in January shared a post on Facebook claiming that she was suffering from brain and breast cancer and needed money for treatment. She also forged the hospital records and uploaded the documents along with the post. Responding to her request, people donated around Rs22 lakh to her and the money was remitted to her account in State Bank of Hyderabad, Gunfoundry branch.

The donors who are on a visit to the city checked into the hospital to see if Saniya was undergoing treatment. To their utter shock, they came to know that there was no patient by that name. In fact, they said that it was Saniya's father who was undergoing treatment in the hospital.

Shocked by the girl's fraud, the donors and the hospital management lodged a complaint for fraud and forging the hospital records.