In a shocking incident, a boy was kicked in the groin and his tongue was chopped off as some of the sheep he was tending went missing. This chilling incident occurred in Medapuram village of Chenne Kothapalli mandal of Anantapur district on Sunday.

According to the police, Nagamma and Mutaylappa took a loan of Rs 30000 from one Malli. As they were unable to repay the loan, Malli asked that their 16-year-old son be given to him as a bonded labour. The boy was made to tend Malli's sheep. On Saturday, Nagamma and Mutyalamma came to Malli and paid part of the loan amount. They also paid another Rs 15000 towards some sheep which were lost while the boy was taking care of them.

But, Malli told them that he would keep the boy with him for few more days in lieu of the lost sheep. After the parents left, the boy was beaten black and blue. Malli kicked him on his genitals and chopped off his tongue. There was swelling on his hands and legs. On Sunday evening, he was rushed to the hospital.

The boy is unable to speak and walk. His parents lodged a complaint with the Chenne Kothapalli police station.